Christmas Tree Craft

December to me is Christmas.And so we begin with the Christmas tree craft. Needed: Colorful Pompoms(I used 4) Any Foam stickers(Found the candy cane and sweet stickers for less than a dollar) A Star (cut out from Red paper) A Brown cardboard/paper(for the trunk) A paper plate(I painted this with metallic green) 3 light green tissue paper Ribbons Instructions: 1.Cut the Paper plate into 3

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Turkey Craft

Thanksgiving series without the turkey would be definitely incomplete.So here’s our home made crafty turkey. Needed: Red,Yellow and Orange Paper cut out as leaves(to make turkey feathers), 2 Googly Eyes, Red Paper (to make the snood/appendage of the turkey) Brown Paper (to make head and body of the Turkey) Orange paper(to make the feet) Instructions: 1.Cut out the Body,beak,feet,appendage and

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