Quiet Book Page – Learning Weather

Quiet books have recently become one of my favorites. They engage my son quiet nicely.Plus it was a great way to learn the weather I m a no sew person so my books are all glued.I prefer them as pages so they are easy to grab. Needed: Felt beige,back,green,red,blue,grey,white,yellow,orange Craft glue Scissors Procedure: Cut out the triangle(roof) and squares(house,windows,door,chimney) for

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3 Mustn’t Miss Indian Publisher Reading Series – Toddler/Preschooler

Bringing today some of our favorites books for the 2s and 3s. They are so toddler and preschool friendly. Having A sentence or two at the most. The stories are so toddler centric like – instruction on road safety,playing with fire,taking turns etc. And not to say they are easy on the wallet. Bubbles the monkey – My mom got

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Preconceived Notions

Preconceived Notions Have you ever felt this walking into a new project making comparisons with old familiar environments. Human nature. I m right now in between seasons of change,honestly I don’t feel all that confident.I’ve been comparing the present and constantly grumbling on how the future would not be as great as the present.Talk about Pessimism The Israelites were extremely

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