Art Fun and Prewriting skills for Little hands – Agewise

Art is a wonderful way to have fun, it is also a wonderful way to prepare little hands for prewriting skills. For writing skill to be developed the child should develop pincer grip,the art of picking up an item with your thumb and index finger Toddlers: 1- 2 yrs My first crayola:12 months. I allowed my baby to scribble everyday

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Hands On Learning: Making Alphabet with Lines and Curves

I m thankful to my cousin who shared this idea which she made with her kids. My son and I too had a wonderful time making our alphabets.A good time filler when we are off on vacations. How to make this simple activity: Needed: Cardboard from 3 cereal boxes Colourful printer paper Glue Ruler Compass Scissors Specifications: Tall Line -Make

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