Dear Friends, In our quest to engage our kids,our family put together this fun block pattern mats. Our children had fun doing them.We hope your children would enjoy them too. Pointers 1.Provide children with 30 blocks in a 100 block set, in order to not overwhelm them and to allow their creativity to blossom. 2.We take a single pattern mat

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Hands On Learning: Making Alphabet with Lines and Curves

I m thankful to my cousin who shared this idea which she made with her kids. My son and I too had a wonderful time making our alphabets.A good time filler when we are off on vacations. How to make this simple activity: Needed: Cardboard from 3 cereal boxes Colourful printer paper Glue Ruler Compass Scissors Specifications: Tall Line -Make

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Quiet Book Page – Christmas Tree

With Christmas nearing,made a tree for the little ones which they could put decorations on by themselves. Quiet pages are easy to make and require minimal effort.I mostly free hand my drawings Needed: Felt – Green for tree,any color for decors. glitter glue To make: Cut out the Christmas tree. Cut out Circles,star,sharp ovals,candy canes,socks and snowman for ornaments Cut

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