Art Fun and Prewriting skills for Little hands – Agewise

Art is a wonderful way to have fun, it is also a wonderful way to prepare little hands for prewriting skills. For writing skill to be developed the child should develop pincer grip,the art of picking up an item with your thumb and index finger Toddlers: 1- 2 yrs My first crayola:12 months. I allowed my baby to scribble everyday

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Striped and Spotted Christmas Ornaments

We made these beauties for a fundraiser where all proceeds went to the support of children with special needs. We are so thankful we could do something this Christmas which was absolutely soul satisfying. Follow salt dough recipe click here. Needed Cookie cutters Star(big,small),heart,circle Red acrylic paint Gold acrylic paint Round and flat brush Toothpick. Procedure Cut out the salt

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G for Goat

Simplest craft you can ever make ,all it needs is a single paper plate.So here’s another for our farm animals Needed: Paper plate 1 Brown sketch Instructions: Cut the goats triangular face Using the left out scraps cut out the horns,nose,eyes,ears and goatee. Color the eyes nose and horns brown. Have your little one glue them together

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