Thankful for Precious Moments!

One of my most traumatizing event of this year has been the death of a neighbor.

I did not know her,all that I knew was, she had a daughter who was close to my little boys age.Everyday during the summer,my son and I hung out on the porch .My neighbor lives right across our porch.And we used to see our neighbors child playing with her elderly grandparents.This mom was so sick,that I ve never seen her.This little child always played with her grand parents,was fed by them,probably slept with them .This went for at least 3 months until my neighbor the mother of the little child passed away.

This incident truly shook me,my heart was very heavy for the little girl who would never know her mothers love,never feel the mothers touch,would never know the depths of a mother’s care.

I realised how short our time here on earth could be.
In a moment we could be snatched away from our helpless children.
Every time I look out my window to see my neighbors porch,my prayers go out for that precious little child.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 (KJV)
In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Oh Precious lord,thank you for my life however it is.
I’m thankful for being able to do all the things I do, mundane or not.
I’m thankful,I have health and strength to take care of me and my loved ones.
I’m thankful for the time that I have with my loved ones.
I’m thankful I’m here!

Oh Precious lord,thank you for my life

  • I will pray for that little girl. Everyday with our littles is a blessing. I am practicing keeping a gratitude journal and reminding myself all I have to be thankful for.
    Visiting you from fellowship Friday!

  • godlyindianmom

    My friend ,Thank you for being here! I totally agree,we are so blessed with the time we have with our little ones 🙂

  • That is heart breaking. I became very sick for over a year shortly after our first daughter was born and was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to be the one to raise her, hold her, grow with her. My heart goes out to this little girl. I will pray she finds peace and comfort in the Lord and will give my own girl some extra snuggles tonight. Thanks for sharing, Nivea.

  • godlyindianmom

    Thank you for your compassionate heart Kristi.As moms we have each others back’s and that is a blessing!Blessings!

  • That’s so sad! I hope she had great grandparents and extended family to take care of her!

  • Minivan Ministries

    This is so true! I was sick earlier this year and they thought I might have cancer. Luckily I didn’t, but I didn’t know for over a month. All I could think about was my children being left without a mom. Every moment is a blessing, even the difficult ones. God has given us so much to be thankful for. It is a blessing for that child that you are praying for her too!

  • Thank you my friend.I can’t imagine what you have gone through praise god for his mercies