Rogani Kumbh


Heres my take on the Rogani Kumbh.My boredom for having the same recipe for mushrooms, lead me to this dish.I ve tweaked the recipe to the ingredients I had at hand.   To Grind in a Mixie:   1 handful small onions/shallots 2 medium tomatoes 5 cloves of garlic 1 inch ginger 1 green chilli   Whole Garam masala:  

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The 4 Do’s and Dont’s when people share their need or difficult circumstances!Basic Etiquette


Difficulties and Hardships are always great learning experiences.You see things from a new perspective a new angle.Things you might have previously taken for granted.Words you might have uttered thoughtlessly.They all sieve through your memory boat.   The Do’s:   1)Offer them your help, your time.If you mean well,mean well through actions rather than through words.   2)Let them know how much they

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Chicken Korma


I have never loved Korma and have always passed over it.But this recipe has given a new love for Korma’s.This very creamy and absolutely mouth watering dish is great with bread,Idiyappam,Idli you name it!Yumm! To Cook: 1/2 kg chicken 1 tbsp gg paste 1 cup thick coconut milk 1 cup thin coconut milk(1/2 cup thick coconut milk+1/2 cup water) 1 cup ground coconut(optional,if need

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