Dissatisfaction Guaranteed:The Comparison trap


As Christians we fall prey to ‘The What about him/her Question’? What happens when aligning yourself to god’s will you are downsized? You are aware that everything works out according to his good purpose, And then you see your neighbor waltz past the same situation and do it differently. Downsized? Definitely not! And you wonder,why can’t it have been the same for me..Human reactions come to

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Fathers Day Craft 2015


We couldn’t post these crafts earlier as it would have ruined my husband’s surprise.So here we are posting it a bit delayed. Toddler Craft – Best Dad I Ever Saw:  We made this craft as my husband has a great sense of humor. My Toddler has been watching me make the photo frame craft for his dad. He’s been eager to get his hands

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